Sunday, 19 September 2010

Fancy Some Waves Today

Since last posting there has been some wind - nothing special but nice to a have a sail or two a week.

Mostly Exmouth and Minehead. Fun jumping at Minehead.

Need some wave riding though, so off to Westward Ho this afternoon - hopefully will be nice.


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  1. Westward Ho! report:

    A few lips to hit (especially with the tide up at the pebbles), but what jump session!

    Normally with me it's all about the riding, but the jumping was superb.

    Head high plus ramps, nicely powered up with a 5.4 on my twinfin. The highlight was a 20-25ft high stalled forward with a perfect landing! Don't where that come from - must be all the practice/pain this summer, practicing in crappy conditions.

    There were a couple like that - I think that must be what it feels like to be a Pozo local!